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Facebook advertising is now a best option to any search marketing campaign. Approximate 1.2 billion users, and approximate 727 million daily active users, Facebook is the most poular social platform over the internet world. A powerful tool for managing your Facebooks Ads and sponsored stories. Monitor likes, click-through rates, impressions, reach and more.

You can now achieve your desired objective of the digital world by hiring Facebook ads manager from PPC By FineMinds. We have highly experienced facebook ads manager that helps towards planning, managing and executing facebook ads Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign to deliver excellent ROI.


Robust advertising platform: It features a robust advertising platform that helps spreading your ads to a wide numbers of people. So it is highly rcommended to start facebook ads campaign to fill the gap in digital marketing.

Taditional pay-per-click (PPC) method: There is great option that your ad seen on the sidebar in user's News Feeds, that means they're always in sight. After clicking on your ads the customers will go directly to your mentioned landing page.

Advertise directly: Facebook allows us to advertise directly in the News Feeds and insist customers to Like and visit your Facebook Page. Facebook ads help in your social reach, brand awareness and promotions..

Facebook Analytics: Facebook provides user freindly tracking systems allow you to track leads and conversions from Facebook.


We provide weekly reports on your Facebook campaign's success, including impression, click, and conversions. We also provide bi-weekly work reports.

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