6×3 Overlap Wooden Pent Bike Storage Double Door Shed Review

6×3 Overlap Wooden Pent Bike Storage Double Door Shed Review


The overlap wooden pent bike storage shed is a super addition to the garden if you have bikes or other things to store or a narrow garden and want to use if for garden tools and accessory storage. There is plenty of room to fit three adult and one child’s bike in the shed, in addition to storing helmets, clothing, and biking accessories inside too.

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Pros and Cons


  • Slim profile
  • Double opening doors
  • Solid sheet roofing
  • Sand felt roof


  • Un-treated
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Build Quality

Initial inspection of this shed you will find that it is untreated and a little rough around the edges. The wood is a bit rough and will easily give you splinters if you are not careful. We advise wearing gloves during assembly.

The wood itself is solid, it has an overlap of between the panels and makes for a shed that is not only secure but also effective at keeping your items dry in the rain. The floor is made of a budget OSB, which whilst not the best material for longevity if placed on some paving slabs as an additional base suffices just fine and would help.

The floor may not seem the best and the panels are a little rough around the edges, the shed itself when built is a pretty tough build. It fly’s through the wobble test with flying colours.​

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Strength and Safety

Due to this overlap wooden pent bike storage shed having an integrated floor and solid wood roof, the overall integrity and structure of the shed is pretty sturdy.

It would be easy to fasten a padlock and bracket to this shed to increase it’s security. Please bare in mind though that the entire front of this bike storage shed is made up from doors, no matter how good the lock is you could get a bar behind the doors should you so wish.

The slim profile and lack of windows make this overlap wooden pent bike storage shed great for being discreet and keeping prying eyes from looking in. We wouldn’t recommend keeping things of particularly high value in any shed and would always recommend that it’s contents form part of your house insurance.

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Installation and Assembly

Building a shed or garden building of any size or material requires you to get your base level first, lay out all the components of the shed, check them off against the instructions and allowing plenty of time for construction. But there is more to it than that. Make sure you are prepared, do you have the correct tools to hand, are they charged if they are power tools, are there any overhanging trees in the way of where your plastic garden shed is going to be built?

This shed is likely to take you around 4-5hrs to build, most of the components are assembled and it needs merely piecing together. The instructions are fairly detailed and if followed correctly you should find a shed that looks just like the pictures.

This shed does require a coat of wood stain to protect it, as we would recommend with any un-treated sheds. Once you have treated it the feel of roughness, risk of splinters and overall smoothness of it’s look seem to fade away.

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  • Width: 6 Feet, 1 Inches / 1.86 Metres​
  • Depth: 3 Feet, 2 Inches / 0.96 Metres​
  • Height: 4 Feet, 1 Inches / 1.26 Metres​ (Including the floor)
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If your looking for a low cost place to store your bikes in your garden that doesn’t take up a massive amount of room this overlap wooden pent bike storage shed is ideal. It’s low profile means it will fit in most gardens, whilst still being able to store 2 adult and one children’s bike comfortably.

Whilst it is not made from the finest of materials this bike storage shed, when treated looks great, will stand up to the British weather and has great ease of access to your bikes thanks to the double front opening doors.

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Where to Buy

  1. This is a great product. Full instructions and all fittings supplied. Ideal for bike storage with plenty of room to store bikes or equipment or whatever you need to use it for. I recommend to potential purchasers of this product to use ‘clutch screws’ for the external hinges and a hasp and lock for extra security. I have used two bolts on the inside opposite door for even better security. A neat and tidy flat pack unit. 5 ☆☆☆☆☆

  2. The bike shed was very easy to assemble. The hardest part was levelling the ground it sits on. I was given a window of 3 hours for delivery,but it was a hour late which wasn’t a problem to me.

  3. I was disappointed with the build quality and the overall finish, the price of £155 was a good mid range price. I liked the fact that the roofing felt and floor were included in the price. I feel for the cost it would have been better quality. So overall I would not purchase another or recommend to friend or family.

  4. Great sheds for storing bike. Easy to build if you follow instructions. Even had spare parts. Took about hour and a half to make. Have brought 3 was that impressed

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