Hyundai Petrol Lawnmowers – HYM51SPE

Hyundai Petrol Lawn Mower

The HYM51SPE features the convenience of self-propulsion, and also has an eye-catching design to complement its great internal features. It has a 3 speed gear box and a 6hp four stroke engine which provides it with plenty of power and easy transitions for user friendly operation. This lawn mower is able to move under its own power when you engage the wheel driving using the handlebar lever, so you are able to concentrate on steering and deciding what part of the grass to cut next.

A Lawn Mower With Mulcher & Electric Starter

The handle bar also comes with comfortable padded hand grips and the electric key start is very easy to operate. It is also self-charging once the battery is running which is extremely convenient. You have the choice from seven different grass cutting lengths with the centralized height adjuster and this machine will give you precise and even results on all lengths of grass. You have plenty of options on how the grass is disposed of as well. This machine has lots of power, it is not too difficult to maneuver and store. Weighing a manageable 39 kilograms and with foldable handles, it is easy to store in your garage or garden shed.

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  • Self-propulsion, with a three speed gearbox to ensure you move at a speed you’re comfortable with, depending on the terrain
  • Electrical start – so no more messing around pulling a starter cable, with one turn of the key this beast will start first time every time.
  • Comfortable handle bar grip dampens vibration and makes mowing a comfortable experience
  • Using the grass collection box is favourable thanks to its monstous 70 litre capacity
  • Garden hose connection makes cleaning the underside of the deck a simple and dignified process for just about anyone
  • Sleek blue design – may not be one for traditionalists!
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  • Large in size and rather heavy
  • Very powerful so needs strength and control to operate despite the electric start and delf propulsion
  • Not suitable for small gardens


This is a very fashionable and aesthetically pleasing lawn mower that doesn’t lack quality and strength. It is a powerful machine so it does require some physical strength to operate it properly, although its self propulsion does take on a lot of the effort for you. It’s ideal for medium to large sized gardens and will certainly provide you with an efficient and precise grass cutting experience. This lawn mower comes with free delivery across the UK which is an added bonus. For all its features and capabilities, this is an excellent value for money for a self propelled mower, and will be a great long term investment.

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    rbrrrb.4hs5mmnpz4 June 14, 2018 at 8:18 pm

    I looked at numerous mowers before buying this one Glad i purchased this It arrived a day early – was well boxed and instructions very clear – tool less assembly just added oil and petrol and it fired up first time Warrantry online was easy A very solid and smart looking mower – single lever height adjustment and very smooth operation Very pleased with this purchase

  2. Superb mower that breezes through uneven and long grass.

  3. my gardener is absolutely delighted. My garden is large with a big lawn and now he has a mower that is capable of the job.

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